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For years, decades even, the seniors media scene has been dominated by negative, stereotypical projections of what it means to be an older citizen. From dodgy retirement homes to frail elderly folk, this imagery (although a segment of reality) continues to dominate the scenery, turning many people off delving into research or active involvement in their "future life".

AUSTRALIANSENIOR.COM is a network that dispells the myths and stereotypes - we buck the trend and deliver a media network that appeals to not only those living their retirement, but those actively planning for it - whilst projecting a POSITIVE image of future life, so younger people want to start to look into their future lives without fear of the "silver haired bogeyman".

People who are planning for and living retirement are our core demographic, aged from 30 years plus. We have two distinct readership markets - those 30-55 and those 55+.

As an independent network - we are not beholden to any group, organization, political party or other entity that takes advantage of the marketplace, or profits from editorial bias. Our editorial content policy makes us even more independent - from our network of contributors - all given freedom of the press to express their opinions, to our unbiased and positive coverage of news, top stories and happenings.

Readers know when something is an advert, special offer or free editorial - we endeavor to work with only the best advertisers and entities that really do supply something of worth to our readers - we pride ourselves on making sure that anything we work on has positive value to our readership and allows the progressive education and involvement of this much valued group.

magazinesAUSTRALIANSENIOR.COM the new website launched off in November 2008, but was originally established as a newsagent based magazine and online site, called ONTHEGO, back in the early part of the decade. Due to success of our online presence under that brand name, we knew we had a hit - and with over 100,000 registered Australian members, we decided to take ONTHEGO to the next level, by making the site more key word search-able and directly connected to the Australian marketplace. AUSTRALIANSENIOR.COM was born!

In 2013, we implemented major site features in the social media arena - allowing members to interact with each other and our activities. With comprehensive Whats on guides, groups, photos, videos and other must haves for newtworking and keeping in touch.

We also launched our Points+ program - rewarding our members with points they redeem on items, experiences and moeny cant buy opportunities - just for using the site, reading articles, commenting on articles - just day to day clicking! A totally free to use system - built into each users profile.


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