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Win a Solidteknics Wok Sauteuse and Solidteknics Skillet/Frying Pan

Cook toxin-free for a lifetime with Solidteknics and

Would you knowingly cook with something that leaves a carcinogenic chemical in your body? All for the convenience of food sliding off the surface more easily?

Unfortunately, this is the hidden cost of using some non-stick coated cookware.
Most non-stick cookware, such as Teflon, is made with poly and perfluoroalkyl substances (PFA’s) that release perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) when heated. PFOA is linked to a host of health problems such as thyroid disease, endocrine disruption, infertility in women, organ damage, reproductive and developmental problems, cancer and arthritis.

In addition to the health issues presented by non-stick cookware, a lot of non-stick pans available today are made cheaply and quickly from poor quality materials in overseas factories. In many cases, a Teflon coated fry pan will last just a few months to a year before the coating starts to scratch and flake, often being discarded in a landfill. This is a waste of money, resources and is bad news for our environment.

Fortunately, there is a solution. Solidteknics offer a toxin-free and sustainable cookware alternative with a non-stick coating that you build yourself using natural oils. The Australian owned company is committed to creating durable, multi-century cookware that contains no harmful synthetic substances, making cooking better for you and the planet. When naturally seasoned with oil, Solidteknics cookware becomes non-stick without resorting to synthetic coatings.

Each pan is made from one solid piece of seamless and rivetless Australian wrought iron which cooks like cast iron but is half the weight for easy maneuverability and handling. The pans are highly conductive on any heat source including induction, gas, ceramic, halogen, electric, oven and open fire. Seasoning can be reapplied at home, so the pan will never lose its stick-free surface, and with regular maintenance, one purchase will last a lifetime, saving money and waste in the long term.

Solidteknics pans are made for multi-generational use with each pan engraved with the date of manufacture for collectability and come with a multi-century warranty. Enjoy less scrubbing at washing uptime without the health hazards with truly made-to-last cookware that you can hand down to your kids.

The complete Solidteknics range is available at Biome, Australia’s leading eco store... and you could win a pack from them just for entering this awesome competition.
Shop waste-free, toxin-free and ethically at





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1 x Solidteknics Wok 28cm Sauteuse and

1 x Solidteknics Skillet/Frying Pan 18cm


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