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  • 20 Feb
dykes on bikes
Sydney is about to explode into a ball of energy, fabulous colour, acceptance, diversity and fun. It's time for the annual Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Not just a nighttime parade and party, the SGLMG is a three week festival of theatre, arts, shows, experiences and more that ANYONE can join in on!

Now, we have some incredible LGBT members who make up a significant proportion of us older Australians, but its not just for them, no sir-ee! Straight folks, bent folks, and anyone who hasn't or does not want to decide - or need to, can participate in a wide variety of events.

We have come up with some "senior friendly" options to maximise your chance of fabulousness.

1. Fair Day.
80,000 people descend into the park on Broadway (just off of Central Station) for this day long fair. There are stages with famous performers, a big area for pets called "Doggywood" which means you can take your animal companions along... plus hundreds of stalls from merchants. Its a hoot and a half and a great way to enjoy yourself in the daytime. Bars and food are available there, and lots of support tents for anyone with medical issues or special needs...
Fair Day is on SUNDAY 22nd February - 10am - 8pm, Victoria Park, Camperdown.

2. Parade Sideshow
Don't feel like standing on the side of the road for the parade? Well, the folks at Mardi Gras are producing a secure seating area (grandstand style) along Flinders street, with food, drinks and toilet facilities. Its the perfect way to see the parade without the crowds and the sore feet!
You can buy tickets - which also include transport from Central Station!!!) here

3. Participate IN the parade
We hear most floats have closed off for this year, but there are actually quite a few seniors floats in the Mardi Gras Parade. Next year - before hand we will do a story focusing on the floats you could join if you wanted to participate.

4. See A Show
There are heaps of theatre shows - from cabaret, to musicals and artistic installations... the entire "festival" guide is online at Mardi Gras website.

It's such a huge event these days, and brings in millions of dollars to the local economy, so get out there and enjoy one of Sydney's biggest and best events that truly is for everyone.
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