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  • 09 Jun
lastvegas interviewIt was a smash hit at the movies, and now the very funny stars of LAST VEGAS, Michael Douglas and Robert De Niro sit down with for this exclusive chat about the film.

When you get a script that is obviously very funny in itself, is there room for you to play around and surprise each other during these shoots? Because it’s on digital, you can just shoot as much as you can. So were there moments for you to play around a bit?

MD: Well, I learned a lot from Bobby, especially as its digital. Because, what used to happen is, you'd do a take and then they'd stop, "cut". And Bobby’s learned, that with digital, what you do is you can keep it rolling and do another one and try a couple more other ones and, in a very short period of time, you get a variation for the editor, which is great. So that’s one thing I’ve learned from him to do much more of.

As an actor, then, to be given this kind of space to try different things, is that a joy for you? Or are you so very precise with what you need – is it a tonal thing?

RDN: Well, every situation’s different. I mean, on this, one stuck more or less to the…

MD: We scripted, yeah, we scripted.

RDN: Yeah, we stuck to it. Kevin would go off here and there and it was good. I mean, I saw some of the stuff that he did, it actually was good. You can do that at certain times. I’ve done it and I’m sure Michael has done it, but this one was pretty straightforward and traditional. If it was another director, they might have tried to goose it another way, in the performances.

MD: Except, I’d say, for language. Bobby, when he swears, he’s very funny and so they were always worried about the ratings. But we kept saying no, go, go, keep going… and we ended up winning that battle.

When I think about my friends that I hang out with, I feel that, whenever I meet up with them again, I’m always the same person. Time hasn’t passed. So when you hang out with your core group of friends, have things changed? Who are you in your group?

MD: With old friends, I don’t think it changes. That’s the beauty of old friends; you kind of pick up right where you left off – and that’s what I love. Even if you haven’t seen each other for a couple of years, you pick up and usually it has to do with silly humour, stuff that you’d be embarrassed to talk to another adult about. But, you know, with an old friend you can get away with it.

last-vegas-johnAnd you, Robert?

RDN: He’s right, that’s how I feel. Certainly, with old friends you don’t have to worry about this or that, you say what you want; and they know how you mean it, they know what context it’s put in and so they’re not judging you about that. And if it is something you say, then they’ll call you on it and say, well what are you doing, this or that, or whatever that might be?

Michael, you were quoted as saying that Vegas is actually not for people of a certain age, it’s really geared towards a very young visitor. When you shoot a film like this about people of your age going to a place like Vegas, can you describe that further?

MD: Well, the club scene, particularly, has now taken over Vegas and, and where there was, say, the Cirque de Soleil cycle for the last 20 years or the big shows, it’s now embarrassing at our age to go into one of those clubs – as we showed in one of the scenes in the film. But on the other side, the food’s great and, whereas maybe the younger people aren’t that interested, there are just wonderful restaurants and you can eat slowly and enjoy yourself; take your time.

You are New Yorkers, so what’s it like to be an adult in a city that seems to be getting younger and younger and younger? How do you feel about that?

RDN: Well, it’s true, there’s a certain chaos, if you will, in New York, that’s an energy that young people drive and older people too, if you choose to live in that way. I choose to live that way and I’m very active doing stuff in the city, but I like to get away too, outside the city. I’m lucky enough to have a place, so I can do that. But at one point obviously, as far as retiring, people just spend more time in a more tranquil kind of setting.

When you were younger and you were thinking about what it would be like to be older; is this the version that you pictured? Is this a kind of variation of your plan or goal?

MD: I think when you’re younger, you never think about getting older.

RDN: Yes. You don’t want to think about it.

MD: You don’t even think about it. I know that, but even starting in my 30s, I can remember my Mother…… When I was a kid, my Mom was in her 30s and she was an adult, a complete adult. Then you go through your 30s and your 40s as a complete goofball and you realise, I guess they weren’t quite as mature as I thought they were.

And you, is it the version that you thought …?

RDN: Well, I always used to say to myself, there’s going to be a day where I’m going to be there and I’m going to be sitting like we’re sitting right now and doing this in there and here we are. But you don’t want to think about it. Why should you be exempt from that? It’s going to happen. You just don’t think about it – and the one thing that I always say is, once you get to where we are, looking back, it happens fast. You can account for all the moments, for all the months, all the weeks, the years.

MD: I’m getting so fucking depressed. [laughter]

RDN: But everything’s good, it’s just what it is. Nothing you can do about it.

If they brought you back for another round of something similar – bring back the Flatbush Four – would you be game?

MD: Oh, twist my arm. Yes, we said, I think, it’s got to be a warm climate!

RDN: Yes – warm, warm, warm, yes!

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