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Seniors Cards

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We get alot of direct requests from readers about the Seniors Cards programs. Please be advised that is NOT a provider of Seniors Cards. This program is run by state and federal government. Not our site.

However, as you may not know where to find information, we have collated some contacts to assist you.


National concession cards for seniors

There are a range of concession cards available for seniors, including the following:


Commonwealth Seniors Health Card

The Commonwealth Seniors Health Card helps senior Australians with the cost of prescription medicines and other health services.

Australian Government Health Care Card

The Health Care Card entitles you to cheaper medicines and other concessions.

You may also be entitled to additional concessions from state and local government authorities. Some states and territories have information on the range of concessions available:


Seniors Card

The Seniors Card entitles older Australians to a range of benefits provided by commercial and retail businesses.
Free of charge, the Seniors Card is issued by every State and Territory Government around Australia. It is issued in recognition of the contribution that seniors have made, and continue to make, to the Australian community.

While benefits may vary, each state or territory offers a range of government benefits attached to the Seniors Card. This can include discounts on state government transport, motor vehicle registration and entry to tourist attractions such as art galleries, national parks and so on.

State and Territory Concessions for Seniors Cards

You can view information on the range of concessions for Seniors Card holders available in your state or territory on the following sites:

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