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Seniors attacked with Petrol Bomb

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An Adelaide couple has narrowly escaped a house fire after being attacked with two Molotov cocktails in the space of a week.

Husband and wife John and Jelena, who did not give their last name, watched a man throw a petrol bomb into their home on York Place, Woodville North, at 2.30am today, newspaper, Adelaide Now has reported.

Jelena, who singed her hair trying to put out the fire, said they were lucky to be alive.

"If my husband was asleep in the bedroom [he'd be] burning," she said.

The Serbian couple, who are in their 60s, fought the fire using buckets and a garden hose before Jelena called emergency services.

It is the second time a Molotov cocktail has been thrown at the house this week after the first bounced back into the yard.

Jelena said shots were fired at the house in March, breaking a window.

She said they had lived in the house 27 years and did not know why they had been targeted.

Fire investigators said the fire bomb caused at least $150,000 worth of damage after burning the front bedrooms.

A neighbor who asked not to be identified said the attacks were shameful.

"They are parents and grandparents, how can someone think to do that, knowing they were home," they said.

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