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Kevin Rudd backs Marriage Equality

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Former Australian Prime Minsiter, Kevin Rudd has come out publicly to back the positive engagement of a secular backing of Equal marriage for all Australians, including those in a same sex relationship.


Publishing a piece on his own websites blog, the former PM has "evolved" on the situation - like the vast majority of Australians, who want equality for all citizens.


Labor, under the leadership of Julia Gillard will allow a free conscience vote on the issue - however, LNP Leader, Tony Abbott will not even allow his members a conscience vote on the issue, even though conscience votes are the backbone of the structure of the Liberal Party.


Many senior LGBTIQ elders have been in long term relationships, and having a secular marriage (civil marriage) will remove the final peice of descrimination forced upon LGBTIQ members of our community.


You can read Mr Rudd's piece on his website here.


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