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As Australia heads to a survey on Equality...

The marriage Equality debate has ignited in Australia as the country lags behind the rest of the western world in making equality happen. The debate and so called discussion has brought out some interesting reactions. 

The debate and so called discussion has brought out some interesting reactions. 

The normally flamboyant and over the top LGBTQI community (think glitter and marching groups) are being incredibly more sophisticated and grown up than the so called "Australian Christian Lobby" who are acting NOTHING like Christians.

It gives you hope that a cohesive and united Australia is how we work best.

When fringe elements from any side get a hold of an issue - it always turns ridiculous and turns people off... so why bring it up? Because it takes the middle folk - us - so called "normal" people to want to make the difference. We can't rely on politicians to do the job (thus the postal "survey") and these ads are just highlighting the ridiculousness of the argument that some are putting forward. It's hard to believe an ad from the ACL that includes "actors" - sorry - talking heads, that are paid employees of the company that produced the advert. We - the masses - need to actually stand up and say something - it may not affect us directly, but somewhere down the line it does. We can't be complacent. We can't think our elected officials would do it anymore - we need to actually get up and go and help someone who needs our help.

A large group of conservative politicians are voting Yes, and have formed a "group" to show their support of equality. Lead by the president of the Federal Liberal party no less. The Prime Minister is in favour, the only hold out is EX Prime Minister and the member for Warringah, Tony Abbott - who's personal views outshine his constituents. So he is going to vote against the wishes of his electorate.... that's just what you need in a politician - a self-serving, self-appointed, view in the parliament. 

You might think us biased... well, kinda - we do think ALL Australians should be treated equally. So yes, in that way we are...  as the anthem says - For we are young and free...

We also take issue with the fact we are spending a HUGE amount of money on a survey, when it was Prime Minister John Howard's government that actually changed the Marriage Act to EXCLUDE same sex couples only a few years ago...  and they did it without an expensive survey or asking fellow Australians to judge other Australians... 

It's time to just get on with it, change it BACK and make ALL Australian's equal. It's not going to hurt anyone - it's not going to impede on religious freedom and all it will do is strengthen our democracy.

We - along with 89% of our readers (from a recent survey) - will be voting YES to equality.




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