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Only a few weeks left to nominate your local Volunteers

The recent Queen’s Birthday honours list was a distinguished list of local heroes and national figures. Now is your chance to acknowledge those among us who keep our society ticking.

In other words - volunteers – the one in four Australians who serve the community for no financial gain or personal acclaim.

While some of Australia’s rewards systems might seem out of step with Australia’s egalitarian ethos – there is an awards program that does recognise and honour those amongst us who serve a higher purpose: The NSW Volunteer of the Year Awards is now in its 11th year and throughout that time it has upheld and provided a public platform to recognise the endeavours of thousands of ‘ordinary’ – and frankly not so ordinary, volunteers amongst us.

“Everyone who is nominated gets to have their moment in the spotlight where their efforts are recognised with a certificate and in the company of other volunteers and community representatives,” said Gemma Rygate, the CEO of the Centre for Volunteering.

“But they won’t be standing there if somebody doesn’t nominate them. Look around your community, your club, your school, hospital, sporting group – we are surrounded by inspiring volunteers.

“Don’t overlook individuals who help others outside of formal volunteering organisations – they may not even consider themselves a volunteer – but if they are doing something for another person beyond their immediate family, then they are indeed a true volunteer and very worthy of recognition,” Ms Rygate said.

Last year more than 100,000 people were recognised for their volunteering efforts in the Volunteer of the Year Awards and this year The Centre for Volunteering looks forward to receiving more nominations from grateful communities, organisations and individuals.

The deadline for nominations is Friday July 14. Nominations for Volunteer of the Year can be made online at

There are 7 award categories

Young (24 years and under)
Adult (25 to 64)
Senior (65+)
Corporate Volunteer (Individual)
Corporate Volunteer Team
Volunteer Team
Excellence in Volunteer Management

For more information about more about the 2017 NSW Volunteer of the Year Awards and last year’s winners, go to


Nominations open for NSW Volunteer Of The Year

Nominations are now open for the NSW Volunteer of the Year Awards.

Do you know someone special in your community that has contributed their free time to local community groups, charities or organisations or individuals? Do they have a special story, or do you just want to celebrate their achievements?

There are regional ceremonies and winners all over NSW, then a state final - so lots of opportunities for your favourite Volunteer to be recognised.

Run by the Centre For Volunteering, NSW peak body for Volunteering services and supported by the State Government - this is THE awards to be a part of.

In 2017, there are 7 categories of awards:

Young- 24 years and under
Adult – 25 to 64 years
Senior – 65 years +
Volunteer Team
Excellence in Volunteer Management
Corporate Volunteer (Individual)
Corporate Volunteer Team

The winners of Youth, Adult and Senior categories will be eligible for the award of Volunteer of the Year.

You can submit your nominations online at


You can find other states and territories via the following link.


NSW Government set to introduce a drinks container deposit scheme

Recycling cans bottles 460x250A drinks container deposit scheme is to be introduced in NSW within the next few weeks as part of a plan to clean up the state's beaches and parks.

The details of the cash for containers scheme are still being finalised but it is likely to feature a rebate of 10 cents per item.

The NSW Government has been negotiating with the drinks industry to introduce the system and Environment Minister Rob Stokes said similar initiatives had proved highly successful in reducing waste in public spaces around the world.

"The beverage industry obviously has a responsibility in terms of the extent of producer liability for their products," Mr Stokes said.

"But we recognise that Government has a strong leadership role to play," he said.

"What we are interested in doing is working together effectively to produce solutions to a shared problem, which is litter and waste in our environment."

NSW is following in the footsteps of The City Of Sydney Council, who have been trialing recycling machines in Haymarket and Circular Quay, which offers rewards points, donations to charity etc in a "reverse vending machine" style of unit.

Results released for survey of 35,000 patients of NSW public hospitals

roger-brighton-img2The Bureau of Health Information (BHI) today reported the results of a patient survey involving more than 35,000 patients about their experience of care in NSW public hospitals during 2013.
The results will help NSW hospitals identify areas where patients feel they are performing well and where improvements to patient experience could be made.
BHI Chief Executive, Dr Jean-Frederic Levesque, said the survey gathered information about patients’ experience of care at 80 NSW public hospitals.
“BHI’s Snapshot Report shows that most patients were positive about their overall experience of care with 64% of patients rating it as ‘very good’ and 27% as ‘good’,” Dr Levesque said.
“Patients tended to rate well their interactions with hospital staff, including being treated with kindness and respect, and the information they were given about their treatment.
“Levels of satisfaction were lower for questions about how well staff assisted and were responsive to patients’ individual needs.”
Other results from the NSW Patient Survey Program include:
  • 77% of patients would speak highly of their hospital experience
  • 86% of patients reported they were ‘always’ treated with respect and dignity
  • Around three-quarters reported they ‘always’ got answers they could understand when they had important questions for a doctor (74%) or a nurse (75%)
  • 42% of patients who needed assistance generally said this help was available within a reasonable timeframe ‘all of the time’
  • 71% of patients thought the total time they waited to be admitted to hospital was ‘about right’
  • 54% of patients rated the way the doctors and nurses worked together as ‘very good’
  • 47% of patients rated the hospital food as ‘good’ and 17% rated the food as ‘very good’
  • 44% of patients who needed help eating reported they ‘always’ received enough 
  • Among the 30% of patients who said they needed an interpreter, 38% said that one was ‘always’ provided
  • 92% of patients said they felt well enough to leave hospital at the time of discharge, although 28% said they felt hospital staff did not fully take their family or home situation into account when planning their discharge.
BHI sent the survey to more than 73,000 patients who were admitted to a NSW public hospital during 2013. The survey contained 90 questions asking patients about hospital performance. It received widespread support with 49% of patients providing feedback.
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