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Securing your mobile phone or device

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They are in your pocket, and a window into your world - from personal information, financial details and more basically just your contacts lists...  but how secure is your mobile phone?

Here's five great tips to help keep your device out of a scammers reach on your phone, tablet or other mobile device.

1Put a password on your phone and a PIN on your SIM card

2Stay with reputable websites and mobile applications (apps) - check reviews on the stores website or only download through links that you know are connected to the brand of the app you want to download.

3Check your phone bill for unusual data charges or premium rate calls. Work with your telco provider to make sure you are not overcharged, by them or by a thief.

4Check for updates to your phone's operating system regularly, or updates to app's. Security updates are often included in updates, so don't delay in an update.

Last modified onMonday, 16 June 2014 21:06
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