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Jersey Boys - Sydney

Jersey Boys has finally hit Sydney and from its massive hit status in the big apple (Broadway) and Melbourne… normally you might be a little nervous about an Australian Production of such a mammoth show…

Sometimes Australian theatrical productions - even the big budget ones, can be a little lackluster and hit and miss - some ranging from high school production level right through to killer must see triumphs.

Jersey Boys however is a must see triumph. Sydney audiences get to see a slick and brilliantly executed story of the rise and rise of Frankie Valli, played here by the brilliant Bobby Fox.

You could be fooled by the "basic" chicken wire set that this would be a cheap local version - but its initial basics is for effect only - staging, costuming and all the visual tricky really deliver on this production and even though the Theatre Royal is not my favourite venue (the 8.30 to Bondi Junction is rattling underneath your seat) you don't care due to the suck in moments and the fun of the show.

I had a giggle at the amount of "seniors tour group buyers" who were in the gala premiere opening night! A few known media folks were there - mainly from the younger press and online titles, but it was great to see them out supporting theatre and doing more than their older counterparts! All in all the crowd got over their seriousness and really had fun at the right points.

This is a definite must see. I actually avoided seeing it on a recent trip to New York City (having far too wide a selection to pick from!) but this Aussie production is definitely world class - and would no doubt give the New Yorkers a total run for their money.

I am thinking of heading back and seeing it again it was that much fun. (Although the quality of the $9.50 champagne needs to be brought into line with the price!!!)

Even if you don't particularly like the music - you will have a great night out! SENSATIONAL!


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