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Laid Back Dish Brush
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by senior    
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New Best Friend

I never thought i would fall for a scrubbing brush. really, I didnt. This kitchen item is now on our "must have" items for anyone who still uses a kitchen sink.

For months I had been battling with scrubbing non dishwasher friendly items from my kitchen and then this item was sent to the team. To say I was impress is an understatement.

Although the brand is all about renewable, environmentally friendliness etc - they should add in the tag line that "IT actually does the job"!

Cleaning off hard to scrub items, with ease and the feel and softness of the device is just amazing. Ergonomic to help with the angles and positions it all helps, and would be brilliant for anyone with aches and pains.

I have now gone out and bought replacements heads so we can keep using this item.

Thoroughly impressed! Is on the pricier side for scrubbing brushes - but you will definitely be rewarded for the slight increase in investment.

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